Tärähtäneet ämmät 2007-2017

Tärähtäneet ämmät, Finnish art duo, was established in year 2007, and has been active until year 2017. Tärähtäneet ämmät has been run by artists Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri. Our vision has been to create social impact and female empowerment with socially engaging art projects. We have provoked public conversations that challenge the prevailing power dynamics and social inequality in societies and communities. 

We have believed that oppressive norms, inequality and social injustice prevent societies from developing. This is why it has been, and still is, crucial to reveal prevailing power dynamics and norms, and communicate these to the target audiences. We have got our message across by working within the areas of contemporary art using participatory workshops, photography and video art and exhibiting the artistic outcomes in public spaces, galleries and museums. Our art work has been norm critical (but not judgemental) disruptive (but not destructive), humorous (but not entertaining) and societal (but not politically orientated).  

Tärähtäneet ämmät's art work and projects have been exhibited i.a. in Berlin, St Petersburg, New York City, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.  Since the beginning Tärähtäneet ämmät's art work has been recognized by the international medias and have been featured in hundreds of media outlets such as The Huffington Post, NBCEl Pais, Le MondeIl FotografoNYC Daily News and French Liberation, AlJazeera and Upworthy.