The artists, Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri have been collaborating since 2007. Their agenda has been to provoke public conversations (and laughter) that challenge the prevailing power dynamics in society. Their disruptive artwork has received worldwide attention from the international media, including from media outlets like The Huffington Post, El Pais, Le Monde and The New York Times.

As a concept “Shaken not blurred” defines Haikala and Metteri’s artistic work because the art duo is not fixed on/focused on/confined to any specific artistic medium or communication style. They work within the areas of contemporary art and design using performance, communal workshops and projects, photography and video as a tool to get their message across.

Haikala and Metteri’s art work has been described as critical (but not judgemental) disruptive (but not destructive), humourous (but not entertaining) and societal (but not politically orientated). Their projects have been exhibited in Berlin, St Petersburg, New York City, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.  Haikala and Metteri used to work under the title “Tärähtäneet ämmät / Nutty Tarts”.

Their most recognized projects are:



Script: Katriina Haikala & Vilma Metteri

Director: Katriina Haikala

Editing: Katriina Haikala

Copyright: Haikala / Metteri 2012