Hairy Underwear Collection (2008-2017)

Grass has always been greener on the other side of the fence. Hairy Underwear Collection has been inspired by issues that both men and women have with their bodily hair. It is always in wrong places, it grows too fast or too slow, and most of the time it has the wrong color. When it grows in unwanted places it needs to be leached, trimmed and reformed like the baroque garden. In the end Hair is always back and now it's the new black. 

Hairy Underwear has been exhibited in such exhibitions as "Northern Oddities" NYC (USA), "Smart Design, Smart Processes", Helsinki (FI) and "Design Stories", Helsinki (FI). 

The Collection has been featured in several international medias such as CBC Colombia, French Liberation, Malesian Men's Health, Opzij in Netherlands and FacesB.