Hate Couture (2011-2016)

Hate Couture has been a collection of unique haute couture clothes that we have designed to express the contradiction between reality and ideality. Female body goes through several changes from puberty to motherhood and getting old and accepting these changes is not always easy because of western culture's concept of ideal beauty. We are made to believe that feeling good about ourselves requires eternal youth rather than accepting and embracing the changes we go through. 

Hate Couture has celebrated and given value to the inevitable that we hate so much. As women we should feel proud and happy about gaining experience, years and saggy tits - because we're worth it.

Hate Couture have been exhibited i.a. in "Honkahovin kesä", Mänttä (FI) and "Smart Design, Smart Processes", Helsinki (FI) and in "Boutique", Berlin (GER).